Just the Beginning

Asoarte is still in its infancy. Backed by energetic, young, and ambitious members, it is starting off with a lot of steam and we want to keep it that way. Asoarte is not just about selling dolls or giving out bracelets. We want to go beyond awareness and make a real difference in the Dominican Republic. No one deserves to have their livelihood taken away by cheap foreign knock-offs. This is not about aid or throwing money at an organization and hoping for change. We are working together with the artisans to make sure all autonomy resides in the people of the Dominican Republic. They know what is best for them; we are simply hoping to make it come true. Energy and planning is not enough to make a large change; we need the support and donations from you guys. Every individual makes a difference.

Potential Partners

  • Agua Pure

Asoarte hopes to work with Agua Pure to help raise international awareness by distributing their filters.

  • Niños Unidos por La Paz

Asoarte hopes that we will be able to work with La Paz to bring multiple music programs to the Dominican Republic.

Things coming to Asoarte!

  • An e-commerce store designed to allow potential donors and potential customers easier access to purchasing the dolls.
  • Asoarte bracelets to help raise awareness around college campuses!
  • An Asoarte Instagram page that will help users receive updates through pictures and videos.
  • A suggestion page where people can give their opinions on how to make the organization better.